Continuing Education Courses for Massage and Bodywork Therapists


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Cat (Cathy) Matlock is approved by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCMTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider, provider #452039-123. Cat Matlock has been a licensed massage therapist and bodyworker since 1993, dedicating her practice to the understanding and relieving of the tensional systems which create chronic pain in our bodies. She believes the key to effectively releasing these tensional patterns is in combining the compressive release of your client’s trigger points in your office and then instructing your client how to work on their points at home.   When you take a CE class with Cat, you learn by working on your own points with therapy balls, foam rollers, etc., by working with your class partner, through powerpoint, experiential anatomy, movement, and handouts with pictures.  Every class is now supported with video demonstrations of the work.  Upon completion of the class you will receive the password to watch the videos.

 Check out Cat’s YouTube channel here


All classes held in West Asheville at FreeBody Trigger Point Therapy Clinic, 619 Haywood Rd, Second Floor, Asheville, NC, 28806

Here is the class schedule:

Releasing the Psoas and Quadratus Lumborum – 7 CEs

Friday, March 22 10:00am-6:00pm

Cost: $125

In this one day class, students will study the anatomy of the Psoas and Quadratus Lumborum.  Cat will teach you common tensional imbalances between these muscle groups, what those symptoms are, and typical postures and overuse patterns which create those imbalances.


LMBT CE: Releasing the Quads and Hamstrings – 7 CEs

Friday, April 12, 10:00am-6:00pm

Cost: $125

In this one day class, students will study the anatomy of the quadriceps and hamstrings muscle groups.  Cat will teach you common tensional imbalances between these muscle groups, what those symptoms are, and typical postures and overuse patterns which create those imbalances.  Students will then palpate and treat the quads and hamstrings with effective trigger point techniques for restoring balance and alleviating pain and dysfunction.  Learn which areas of the hamstrings to work to address hamstring attachment pain, which trigger points in the quads cause knee buckling and pain in the knee, the effects of tensional imbalance on the pelvis and low back, and more!

Self Care for Headaches and Migraines – 5 CEs

Wednesday, 6-7:30pm April 24 – May 8,  3 week series

Cost: $50

This series is for massage therapists who wish to understand the muscular trigger points which cause headaches and migraines and how to release them on one’s own body. Course begins with detailed anatomy and explanation of trigger points, their pain referral patterns which can lead to chronic headaches, and how to release them. We will employ simple self trigger point release and self massage techniques with targeted stretching and strengthening. You will leave this class empowered with much better understanding of the muscular causes of headaches and how to address them. Simple breathing practices to soften tension in the nervous system will be taught as well. All therapy balls used in the practice and a self practice manual are included. 5 CEs for LMBTs.

FreeBody Therapeutics for the Hips and Low Back– 6 CEs

Thursday, 10-11:30am May 9 – May 30 (4 sessions)

Cost: $60 for series, $18 for drop-in



In this class, we will explore the dynamic relationships of the hip adductor muscles in the inner thighs and the hip abductor muscles of the outer hips, gluteus minimus and medius, as well as the iliopsoas and the quadratus lumborum.  We will begin with the anatomy portion of the class, reviewing where these muscles live, what they do, and how they become imbalanced.  Cat will then demonstrate the trigger point release work for these groups.  Class ends with pairing up and practicing on each other.  Tables will be used.  You may be asked to bring your table to the class.

LMBT CE: Trigger Point Therapy for Headaches and Migraines– 21 CEs

Friday, May 17-Sunday, May 19

Friday: 10am-6pm, Saturday: 10am-6pm, Sunday 10am-5pm

Cost: $375

It has been said that 85% of ALL chronic headaches and migraines are due to trigger points in the muscles of the head and neck.  In this class you will be able to identify, treat, and teach self treatment of the 10 muscles most commonly associated with headaches and migraines.  You will receive clear instruction in anatomy, trigger point location and palpation, and effective trigger point release for each of those muscles.

Cat Matlock is recognized as a local expert in this area and has taught several successful classes for lay people as well as for professionals.  She regularly receives referrals from neurologists and doctors to see their clients with headaches and migraines.  You will leave this course with excellent handouts, charts, and practice tools.  Not to be missed!

LMBT CE: Releasing the Scalenes– 7 CEs

Friday, June 14


Cost: $125


The scalenes muscles in the neck become aggravated by injury, car accidents, chronically tilting the head to one side, and a variety of postures.  when the scalenes get loaded with trigger points, they can create a myriad of symptoms including chest pain, numbness and tingling down to the fingers, even aching in the rhomboids.  In this one day workshop, students will learn symptoms and common causes of tension in the scalenes, clear anatomy of the muscle group, and effective treatment methods.



In each of Cat’s classes you will be taught proper body mechanics.  Cat has been a massage therapist for 25 years because she learned early how to take care of her body.  She is a stickler for good body mechanics and will help you to feel your best as you work.  All classes also include instruction of self care practices for yourself as well as to pass along to your students.